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Fund Brief

The objective of Ocram Fund is to generate a minimum monthly return of 3% while continuing to maximize monthly performance*

*Compounding to a 42.57% annual return

About the Fund Manager
  • Founded by Carmelo M. Calascibetta, a seasoned wealth manager.
  • Calascibetta strives to be one of the most recognized and sought-after fund managers in the world. He has learned from veteran fund managers and continues to prove his highly efficient investment philosophies.
  • Calascibetta is so confident in his proven strategies that he has personally invested the majority of his liquid net worth into the fund.
  • Energy, precious metals, and American indexes (i.e., NASDAQ 100, S&P 500).
  • Ocram engages in tactical asset allocation exploiting strong global market opportunities with appropriate risk.

Basic Philosophy

Efficiency first. Ocram exits its positions if a substantial return occurs far sooner than expected. From there, the fund starts a position in another asset with fresh potential. The maximum risk/return ratio is always achieved this way.

Example: Ocram predicts stock X will go from $50 to $80 in a month. If stock X gets to $70 in one week, Ocram will lock in a 40% return rather than wait another three weeks to hit the $80 target. This capital is then rolled over into stock Y where it is expected to go from $35 to $60 within 3 weeks.

Projected 5-Year Cumulative Return

$1M contribution is estimated to grow to:

  • $5,891,600.00 in 5 years
  • $2,898,280.00 in 3 years
  • $1,425,760.00 in 1 year