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Fund Fee Structure

A 0.5% management fee is assessed on a quarterly basis and is used to cover administrative and other general overhead costs of operating the fund. The management fee is gross of any other fees.

Incentive Fee

Ocram Fund charges a carried interest of 30% of returns generated and collects the fees once at the end of each quarter.

Hurdle Rate

Ocram Fund utilizes a hard hurdle rate of 2%. Ocram fund does not start earning the incentive fee until 2% is achieved on a quarterly basis. This benefits the subscriber.

Subscription Amount
Ocram Fund Quarterly Performance
Cash Return
To Subscriber
Hard Hurdle
Return Net of Fees
To Ocram Fund
Management Fee
Incentive Fee Net of Hurdle

Net Quarterly Return to Subscriber: 8.79%

Referral Fee Structure

Subscribers can earn referral fees by recommending associates that also subscribe to the Ocram Fund. The commission is 50% of the incentive fee earned by the fund for the referred subscriber. Using the above example, the annual referral commission would be $37,800 (30% of $126,000). This commission would be distributed quarterly